Hurricane Sally’s stumps inspiring works of art and messages of hope

Hurricane Sally's stumps inspiring works of art & messages of hope
Hurricane Sally's stumps inspiring works of art & messages of hope(WALA)
Updated: Dec. 6, 2020 at 11:19 AM CST
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FOLEY, Ala. (WALA) -- For all the downed trees Hurricane Sally toppled over -- Lloyd Wayne is finding the beauty in the stumps left behind.

“I just grabbed a can of spray paint and started spraying,” said Lloyd.

Creating his work of art near County Roads 65 and 12 in Foley. His goal was to uplift the community.

“I was feeling down -- much like all of the tree stumps I saw after the storm,” recalled Lloyd. “But then I got inspired after seeing neighbors helping neighbors.”

From spray paint to primer -- Lloyd admits his technique has been trial and error.

“We live and learn don’t we (laughs),” said Lloyd.

He’s also learning his labor of love has been well received.

“One lady came up to me and she said it just warmed her heart ... And it warmed my heart knowing that I warmed her heart. And she’s just one person... If I can just touch that one person -- it’s made this whole project worthwhile,” said Lloyd.

“Sally Stumping” as he calls it -- has become a movement in the Foley area. It’s inspired others to create their own works of art -- from festive pumpkins to simple smiley faces popping up -- stretching around the block on dozens of stumps.

“It just put a smile on my face when I saw it. You can tell there is no such thing as an original idea... But glad to see the community is getting around it,” said Lloyd.

And while they’re stumping -- Lloyd encourages people to pick up litter and debris.

“I picked this up and thought it was just trash... Looks like someone left us a positive message. (piece of debris had “U R GR8″),” said Lloyd.

Messages of hope during a year full of unprecedented challenges.

“Love got us through 2020. Let this be a reflection of how we made it through,” said Lloyd. “If someone tells you this town doesn’t have heart, I would say that there is. That somebody just has to look around.”

Click here for the Sally Stumps website -- they offer stencil sets. They encourage folks to submit their own Sally Stumps and use #sallystumps.