CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Porch pirate steals Christmas packages

Updated: Dec. 16, 2021 at 9:22 AM CST
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- Just 9 more days until Christmas and porch pirates -- having a field day as packages continue to be delivered. One of the latest -- happening at a home on Dauphin Street near McGregor.

As you watch the home surveillance video -- the homeowner calls it an “unfortunate reality” -- Christmas packages being stolen off his front porch.

“It’s unsettling to start with... And yes, it’s upsetting. You expect something delivered to be there when you get home,” explained Baxter Bishop, homeowner.

It happened Wednesday, December 15th. The packages Amazon packages delivered around 9 a.m. only to be stolen by a woman caught on camera about 90 minutes later. Bishop was not only alerted on his phone -- but watched it live on his security app.

“I got the alert of activity... so I said I’ll see what’s going on in my front yard or my porch. I open it up and pull up the live video and I see this individual walking up my stairs taking boxes off my stairs -- taking them to their vehicle. And I’m like what,” recalled Bishop.

Wasting no time -- she didn’t even take the cigarette out of her mouth. She makes two trips up and down the porch stairs and she’s back in her car -- what appears to be a Honda Civic -- with at least two missing hubcaps on the driver side and a paper tag.

The information and video has since been turned over to Mobile Police.

“I think more of the issue is people view this is a victimless crime... And really there are victims. It’s a property crime. Now we have to change our behavior based on the criminal behavior -- and that’s what really bothers me the most. I have to tweak my day to day life to accommodate individuals that can care less,” said Bishop.

Take a good look -- if you know who she is Mobile Police want to hear from you 251-208-7211.