MPD: Christmas Eve shoplifting threat turns into felony robbery charge

Quick arrest for Fugitive Files suspect accused of robbery
Quick arrest for Fugitive Files suspect accused of robbery(WALA)
Updated: Jan. 6, 2022 at 11:24 AM CST
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Somebody watching Fox10 News Fugitive Files Wednesday night, January 5th, at 5, tipped off M-P-D where they could find  24 year old Shekayla Dunklin, according to investigators. She’s been arrested.

They say this past Christmas Eve, Dunklin tried to walk out of a store on Airport Boulevard with one of those expensive, battery powered toy trucks kids can ride. When she tried to leave the store, with the truck, a clerk stopped her, and asked her for a receipt, proving Dunklin had purchased the toy. Instead, MPD says Dunklin told the clerk she had a gun, and would shoot her. The clerk stepped aside, and Dunklin left the store, got into a car with the toy truck, and drove off.

Investigators said what might have been  just a Misdemeanor Shoplifting Charge, escalated to a Felony First Degree Robbery Charge, because Dunklin implied she had a deadly weapon, while threatening the clerk.