Historic Blakeley State Park in Spanish Fort will be making improvements, park director says

Updated: Feb. 5, 2022 at 9:00 PM CST
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SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WALA) - Many folks braving the cold temperatures to participate in the ‘Battlefield Blitz 5K and Fun Run’ at Historic Blakeley State Park in Spanish Fort.

All the money raised is going towards helping to improve the park’s unique grounds and programs.

The park is located just off HWY 225 in Baldwin County. Being almost two thousand acres, it’s also the site of Alabama’s largest Civil War battlefield and has 25 miles of trails.

With all of that land, Mike Bunn, Director of Historic Blakeley State Park said the Battlefield Blitz is a huge help in raising money they need to improve the park.

“The funds that are raised through this generate funds that help us with our interpretation and improvement efforts constantly. Adding new trails and new signage and other outreach efforts that we’re trying to do,” said Bunn

Although they hold other events throughout the year to raise money, Bunn said there is nothing quite like the Battlefield Blitz that better helps to operate the historical park.

“This is the only event right now that we seek outside sponsorship and community businesses to support so this is the only one of this type that we do all year,” said Bunn.

The park has plenty of amenities, from an abundance of campgrounds, cabins, and even a wedding event center. Bunn said the money they raise is used to constantly improve the park as it continues to grow.

“Every day we’re trying to do something easier to tour it, make it easier for people to understand what they’re looking at when they’re here,” said Bunn “we’re also adding amenities, cabins and other campgrounds and things to help people enjoy their stay while they’re here.”

Their main focus now is to improve the park’s heritage, using the thousands of dollars raised at the run.

“We have several interpretative projects going on right now to help raise awareness of the cultural and natural heritage at the park.”

These are just a few of the many improvements expected to happen over the next few years.