Back to the fun: Conde Cavaliers set to open Mobile’s Mardi Gras season Friday

Published: Feb. 10, 2022 at 5:25 PM CST
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MOBILE, Ala (WALA) – We are just about 24 hours now until Mardi Gras’ triumphant return to the Port City.

The Conde Cavaliers are set to roll at 6:30 Friday night, but on Thursday we got an inside look at their final preps as they got everything loaded up and ready to roll.

“Since we have not rode since 2020, we are highly, highly excited,” the president of the organization said.

The Condes are set to be the first parading organization to hit the streets of Mobile after COVID cancelled the fun last year.

At least one member using the virus as inspiration for a special throw, making a paper mache replica of COVID and filling it with MoonPies. There are plenty of other fun throws too.

The Conde Cavaliers say they are looking forward to the parade and for some it makes them feel like a kid again.

“When I go to buy my throws, I become a 7-year-old kid and you watch these guys as they start loading these floats and getting happy and all of that,” one member said.”

This year’s theme is Conde Road Trip and the floats show that off. The two-year parading delay has given them some time to make upgrades.

“There will be no float, excuse me the rest of the organizations, for the Mardi Gras world this year compared to our train we put $65,000 dollars’ worth of special lighting involved with it,” a member said.

With the weather expected to be great, the Condes are hoping for a huge crowd as Mardi Gras returns to Mobile.

“We missed Mardi Gras that one year,” a member said. “So, I think we’re going to have a big, big turnout coming Friday night.”

Before Friday night’s parade, the Conde Cavaliers will be doing their normal school and nursing home visits. It is one of their favorite activities as they give back to the community.