Get Gas Now, Pay Later

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Updated: Mar. 17, 2022 at 9:05 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -The struggle is real at the gas pump. The national average for a gallon of regular is $4.28, down from $4.31 a week ago but up from the $2.87 drivers were paying this time last year.

The skyrocketing fuel costs is hitting everyone in their wallet. Now get this - you can buy gas for your car and pay for it later.

Klarna announcing users of its app can grab snacks and gas up at Chevron and Texaco gas stations and split the cost over six weeks.

Download the app, create a digital in-store card, add it to your Apple or Google wallet, and tap to make partial payments at a gas station.

It’s the same set-up millions of Americans are already using for other purchases including, clothes, flights, and hotels. The payment method is popular for people looking to stretch the costs of necessities, or for those who can’t qualify for other financing.

Bonus, there’s no interest on the first four payments according to Klarna’s website.

Chip Robot Making Arm

Chipotle’s fast-casual Mexican grill is getting even faster thanks to some new technology. The restaurant chain is teaming up with Miso Robotics to make “Chippy.” It’s a tortilla chip making robot.

The device is currently being used at the chain’s innovation hub, before it tests out its skills at a location in southern California later this year.

“Chippy” is specifically trained to make chipotle’s chips, Chipotle says, even being hardwired to make a mistake here and there to ensure that each chip is still unique.

Similar technology is being used at white castle for burgers and is being tested at buffalo wild wings.