Kites soared high at Battleship Memorial Park for ‘Kites Over Mobile’

Published: Apr. 9, 2022 at 2:26 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - If you happen to drive down the Bayway or Causeway over the weekend you may see an astronaut or octopus flying in the sky over Battleship Memorial Park.

Kites Over Mobile kicked off Saturday morning, a lot of folks went to the kite festival to see their kites fly high.

The weather was perfect with a slight wind, which made for perfect kite-flying conditions.

“Trees and buildings and battleships create turbulence and right now we got the wind coming out in a pretty decent direction,” said Jason Wheeler.

It is all about catching the wind at the right moment.

“Long gone are the days of running with a kite. I don’t run, you know. You just need a good wind,” said Wheeler.

Jason Wheeler has been flying kites for more than 25 years and says it’s relaxing and even therapeutic.

“It’s like an escape, you know. Put your headphones in and you’re flying it’s just you and your kite. You know you don’t think about the bills and all that stuff,” said Wheeler.

It was a beautiful sight as families spent the day trying to figure out how to keep the kites soaring. The Ford-Green family chose to celebrate their daughter Riley’s 6th birthday during Kites Over Mobile.

“We were planning to do a park birthday and saw that the kite festival was going on at the same time so we were like let’s go ahead and just bring the party to the kite festival,” said Riley’s mother.

The family was pleasantly surprised with how big the event was, even having kite-making as one of their birthday party activities.

“I didn’t know the event was this big, but when we went to Party City to get the balloons and saw other people getting kites at the same time, we knew it was going to be probably big,” said Riley’s father.

Birthday girl Riley gave her birthday party and all the kites at the festival two thumbs up and said the octopus kite was her favorite.

“The octopus one. I see the octopus one, it’s cool.”