Mobile County deputies seize stolen guns, drugs, and money

Updated: Feb. 14, 2019 at 9:33 PM CST
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Two people are behind bars and several guns and rifles are off the streets in Mobile County, and the alleged suspects are facing a slew of charges.

“Some we discovered are stolen. We believe that all are stolen its just a matter of tracking down the rightful owners to try to see where they come from and return them to the owners and of course that also helps us to develop burglary cases,” said Captain Paul Burch with Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say they collected all of the guns between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Detectives say two a shotgun and a rifle was taken from a hotel in the Tillman’s corner area. That incident is separate and still under investigation.

Investigators say the other firearms were found at two homes. One on Crossley Hills Drive and the other on Dawes Road.

“The target of the investigation is a local drug dealer out there. We’ve known about him for some time,” Burch said.

He says the suspect’s name is Martin Melton, also known as “MC.” Ava Jackson was also arrested. They’re both facing the same charges. Those charges are possession of marijuana 1st, possession of control substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and 2 counts of chemical endangering welfare of a child.

Deputies say they found them with the stolen guns, meth, pills, pot, and money all in the presence of a child.

“It’s really an unnecessary problem. So many of these especially handguns are taken out of vehicles, most of which are unlocked. There is absolutely no reason to leave a firearm in your car,” Burch explained. “If you’re at home or inside your home, a gun does you no good to protect yourself if it’s sitting in your car. It’s just an easy target for someone who’s looking to steal those from vehicles.”

Court documents say Melton was out on probation from a previous drug charge. Burch says this is a prime example of the revolving door.

“It gets frustrating but the laws are what they are. It seems that a defendant gets in front of the judge, they’re convicted sentenced, they spend a fraction of the time that they’re supposed to spend and they’re right back out here doing the same thing,” Burch added.

Now you may notice there are no gun charges. The Sheriff’s Office says they’re still investigating who the guns are actually for before those charges are produced.

Meanwhile, Capt. Burch is urging individuals to lock their car doors, lock their guns at home up in a safe, and to document their serial number. He says this could all help prevent this or assist in the process of recovery.


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