Loxley becomes Baldwin County’s newest city

Published: May. 20, 2022 at 10:21 PM CDT
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LOXLEY, Ala. (WALA) - Loxley is no longer considered a town, and it’s growing rapidly along with Baldwin County. A ribbon cutting happened Friday to celebrate the town officially becoming a city.

Long-time residents have seen decades of growth and are excited to see more.

“I can remember when the four-lane between here and Stapleton was only two lanes, so I’ve seen that grow,” said Alice Hilton, 30-year Loxley resident. “I’ve seen the civic center built and this beautiful park built, and it’s just been amazing.”

Every year, thousands pass through Loxley, heading toward Baldwin County’s sandy, white beaches. Mayor Richard Teal said with Loxley now a city, he anticipates more businesses and restaurants and improvements to streets and parks.

For those who may be hesitant, he assured this is great news.

“There won’t be any more taxes passed along to you just because we are moving from a town to a city,” he said. “I think it’ll be a positive because we will have more opportunities for businesses here.”

Another resident said no matter the growth, Loxley will always remain the same to him.

“A lot of people said we’re going to end up like Fairhope,” said Todd Kaiser, long-time Loxley resident. “Fairhope is Fairhope. Loxley is Loxley. There will be some similarities, but it will always have its own history and people here that make it something different, so if they are afraid of that, I’d say don’t be.”

Just in the past 12 months, Mayor Teal said Loxley has grown nearly 130%.


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