Tornado, strong storms leave damage throughout Pensacola

Published: May. 25, 2022 at 5:12 PM CDT
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PENSACOLA, Fla. (WALA) - A tornado touched down Wednesday morning in the Ferry Pass area.

“The gale force winds were blowing some of the were blowing some of the large oaks we have and every time that happens we worry because that will definitely take your house down,” said David Rush.

Early morning storms roared through Pensacola waking those in the Highlands at the Reserve community.

“It was really coming down hard,” said Rush. “We have dogs that and they detect changes in air pressure and stuff like that so they were freaking out and these are German shepherds.”

The strong winds toppled fences, ripped apart trees and sent debris flying through the neighborhood. Residents spent Wednesday morning checking their homes for damage and trying to clear what they could ahead of the threat for more storms.

“If we leave it here it’ll be twice as hard to get up,” added Rush.

There was even more damage on Davis Highway.

“The ceiling’s falling from here so thank goodness we weren’t only,” said General Manager Lauren Sunday.

Eyeglass World took the brunt of the storm as the high winds left ripped signs, a destroyed awning and broken windows in its wake.

“It hit so hard that when the window broke it shot all the glass all the way down the hallway,” added Sunday.

General Manager Lauren Sunday says the storm woke her up at her house nearby but she was surprised to see what shape the store was in.

“I had no idea that the amount of damage that happened to the store was what we were going to walk into today,” said Sunday.

What makes it even more strange is how much damage Eyeglass World took when surrounding businesses had little to no damage.

“In Pensacola we’re known to have rain one side of the street and not on the other but as far as everything going last night we’ve gone through hurricanes and this has never happened like this before,” Sunday said.

The store had to put appointments on hold for the day while they tried to clean up.

“All this time is going to be spent taking care of people that we can and then cleaning up all this mess and trying to get boarded up and seeing where we go from there,” said Sunday.

The general manager says anyone who had appointments scheduled at eyeglass world can go to their sister store America’s Best to have their eye exam on Friday and Saturday. Anyone who was scheduled to pick up glasses can do so starting on Thursday.


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