Mobicon returns to the Port City

Published: May. 28, 2022 at 8:26 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Inside the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel -- reality is checked at the door as fantasy takes over.

“I like interacting with the other people. Even if I don’t know what they’re dressed as... It’s still fun to see their costumes,” said two costumed felines.

As Mobicon returns for the first time since the pandemic -- so do the parade of costumed characters -- some of them familiar and some not so familiar. They tell us dressing up is fun and admit the reactions are priceless.

“The facial expressions people give - like ‘Oh my God’ that looks pretty cool. Yeah like earlier -- one girl walked up and he started playing his music. She was scared of us at first -- and then as soon as the music started playing -- her mouth went -- like wide open. It was hilarious. She started freaking out and said - ‘Oh my God! That’s awesome,” said one couple.

For first-timers - Mobicon is a lot to take in.

“This is my first Mobicon I’ve been to. But I imagine it won’t be my last because I like conventions. It’s like Halloween -- on steroids -- (laughs),” said Logan Conrad.

The “No Ordinary Balloon Man” -- one of this year’s most popular featured guests.

And let’s not forget gaming -- we happened upon one crew playing a throwback: Street fighter II.

“It’s old school -- I think probably from ‘88 or ‘89. Lee: So you’re the pro -- he’s not the pro? You’re teaching him? -- Well, he told me he was the pro. I told you I could beat you at Madden. Oh, okay -- Madden -- up to date. (laughs),” said one man.

There is something different around every corner. A group of belly dancers performed in the courtyard. In a way -- everyone is putting on performance.

“It’s pretty cool to see what everyone makes, what everyone gets into, and everyone having fun and having a good time. It’s nice to be stopped for pictures too. And I’m giving out yoyos to people who want to take pictures with me,” said Ethan Barfield, dressed as Nightwing from DC Comics.

The photo opportunities are endless and most of these elaborate costumes are hand-made.

“Personally -- it’s making it and being satisfied with how it turns out. Lee: So you made all of this? -- For the most part. Yeah, I designed and 3D printed,” said one man.

Some were having to make last minute alterations!

“We had a slight armor malfunction... And a piece of my armor broke off,” said a man dressed as Loki -- God of Mischief.

A booth at the event -- was actually dedicated to providing free repairs. With just minutes before the big costume contest -- he’s doing what he has to do to make it work.

“It is... It is a little nerve-wracking. But when you are as wonderous and glorious as I am -- you know it is all going to work out in your favor,” said Loki.

While comics and souvenir were up for grabs -- most people tell us they are taking away the experience of making some cool new friends.

“The guests we usually run into -- it’s sometimes people we know -- sometimes not. But they are always really friendly. There’s always new things to learn. Like I said the environment here is always really good and a lot of fun,” said Chase Norton and Sayuri Motoi.

Mobicon continues until midnight Saturday at the Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel -- and reopens Sunday morning from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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