Mothers’ Milk Depot at Mobile Infirmary now accepting donors after reopening

Published: May. 31, 2022 at 5:50 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - With parents still struggling to find baby formula, some families are looking for alternatives. One of those alternatives could be donated breast milk. Especially for high-risk infants.

“Those with gastrointestinal system problems, heart disease, severe allergies so they’re in desperate need of this breast milk,” said Dr. Jessica Jones.

Mobile Infirmary’s milk bank is now open. The milk bank runs through Mothers’ Milk Bank of Alabama in Birmingham, but having a milk depot in town gives mothers a more convenient option.

“It allows for moms not to have to worry about shipping and transporting their milk which can be dangerous because it has to stay a certain temperature,” said Jones.

Mothers apply through the Mothers’ Milk Bank website where they give their information before they go through a screening process.

“They’re looking at medical history, medications that they’re on, blood-born diseases or diseases that can pass through breast milk,” added Jones.

Once they pass the screening process mothers can donate any amount where it gets processed and distributed first to babies in Mobile Infirmary’s NICU free of charge.

“For our moms that are breastfeeding but their milk hasn’t come in yet the donor breast milk that we have on hand is used for those babies,” said Jones.

Any leftover milk can be purchased by those in the community after they get a prescription from a pediatrician. Jones says the milk can be purchased for about $4.40/ounce plus shipping and handling.

The milk bank is located on Mobile Infirmary’s campus at the Women’s Health Alliance of Mobile. If you want to apply to be a donor you can go to to start the process.


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