Cannon repainted Pride colors after being vandalized overnight

Published: Jun. 15, 2022 at 11:09 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - The cannon at the loop has been repainted rainbow colors in celebration of Pride Month after it was vandalized overnight.

Police arrested a homeless man and charged him with criminal mischief after responding at 12:39 a.m. Wednesday to the intersection of Government Street and Houston Street in reference to a subject painting the cannon, according to the Mobile Police Department.

Phillip Douglas Dean, 37, is being held at Mobile County Metro Jail. Online jail records show him as being homeless.

He was charged with outstanding warrants for panhandling and disorderly conduct in addition to criminal mischief.

The Port City’s LGBTQ community not letting the negativity stop them from being proud -- they’re taking the opportunity to continue spreading their message of equality and acceptance.

“That’s okay -- we’re here. We’ve got extra paint and we’re going to fix it back up,” said Lucy Gafford, helping repaint the Pride cannon.

“We’re here -- we’re proud and we’re not going anywhere,” said Amanda Sessions, Co-Executive Director Rainbow Pride Mobile.

“So, it’s a really great mix of support to get this back done! And it was a quick process -- before I even knew it was painted there was a plan to paint it back,” said Dr. Natalie Fox, City of Mobile LGBTQ Liaison.

“And it came together so quickly within the community within just a few hours -- they put all of this together and put it all together just one more time,” said Michael Tyner, City of Mobile LGBTQ Liaison.

They’re turning a negative into a positive and they’re still proud.

“The real relevance stands behind the fact that we still have individuals that harbor the hatred and the discern for those that are different in their own communities and this is a community shared by all so pride is here to remind them -- this is our community as well,” said C. Pichoff-DeLorca.

“It seemed really senseless I guess -- and a lot of people are going to look at us repainting it today and think well that’s stupid -- why bother it was only going to be up for a month anyway. The whole point is exactly what she was saying -- we want people to feel welcomed and included and safe and that’s the whole reason we do any of this -- is so people feel it’s safe to be themselves,” said Cheree Porter.

As the colors return -- they’re also reminded -- they have support as drivers honk as they drive by the demonstration.

“It’s very refreshing -- especially after what happened. It’s nice to know that out of all these cars there’s this many people honking it just gives me a sense of hope,” said Vanessa Quintana, helping repaint the Pride cannon.


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