Fathers reveal what they really wanted for Father’s Day

Published: Jun. 19, 2022 at 12:40 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - A survey by Time2Play revealed that a majority of dads in Alabama want... a meal out for Father’s Day.

Curious to see if that was true, we asked some dads out and about with their families to see if they agree.

“I did not...I wanted to be with my kids...and then secondly that the oldest, he’s 18 so he’s running the streets now so I wanted him to come home and get up in the morning and go to church with us,” said Andy Hutchisson.

“No, no particularly when I’m ready to eat, I’m ready to eat, eating out is fine but if we’re home already and there are groceries at home, let’s eat that and I can spread out and hear that air conditioning humming in my ear,” said Leon Frazier.

“Well my Father’s Day wish is to go to Dodgers Stadium and to play catch, they let you play catch on the field there and catch in front of the World Series sign,” said Jeff Albert.

Out of the five fathers, we asked none of them agreed with the majority of Alabama daddios. It turns out that what these dads wanted the most was their family.

“To be with my family,” said Connell Likely, “We out to eat breakfast this morning, yeah she’s taking me out to breakfast and we go out to dinner this evening, make a full day a Father’s Day.”

“For Father’s Day, I just want a happy, healthy family while we enjoy this beautiful city,” said Grant Hasenour.

No matter where or how the day is spent, these dads have made it clear, that they want their families by their side on Father’s Day.

“Just for my wife and my grandkids to be happy and to keep on loving on me like they always do,” said Fraizer.

In Mississippi, a meal out was also a top choice and in Louisiana and Florida, dads said they would be ecstatic with a family BBQ.


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