Mobile Police: No major issues during last two months of reinforcing juvenile entertainment district curfew

Published: Jun. 30, 2022 at 5:43 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - The juvenile curfew in the downtown entertainment district has been around for several years, but there’s been a bigger emphasis on it over the past couple of months.

“Nobody that young should be out anyway and with all the teen violence we’ve had recently there’s nothing to do but get in trouble if you’re out that late,” says Michael Reyes who frequents downtown.

Ever since an incident in May where police say an argument involving a group of teenagers led to someone getting shot. Since then, MPD has been taking steps to remind everyone of the curfew and they’ve even increased the police presence downtown on certain nights.

“We have done that in a fashion trying to predict best we can what nights we may have an issue,” said Captain Matt Garrett.

Captain Matt Garrett runs the central precinct downtown and he says since this push began they’ve only issued warnings for a couple of juveniles who said they weren’t aware of the curfew.

“It was nothing that was so grossly negligent that we felt it needed to be handled with a formal citation,” added Garrett.

With no arrests or fines issued, Captain Garrett says the last two months have been a success. One that has a lot to do with community response.

“Not only listening to it but it has given us the results that we wanted which are removing minors from that entertainment district to prevent things like that from happening. I don’t know that we could have asked for anything better,” said Garrett.

Going forward, Captain Garrett says people can continue to expect a significant police presence as they work to enforce the curfew which a lot of people feel is an important way to keep teenagers safe.

“If you’re down there and you’re not able to get into a business then that leaves you loitering,” said Garrett. “If we can remove that element then we remove the possibility of having an issue there.”

MPD says the goal of the curfew is not to arrest anyone but instead to get children back to their parents and educate them on why juveniles shouldn’t be in the entertainment district late at night. The curfew runs from 10pm-5am each night.


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