Senior Bowl and East-West Shrine Bowl to alternate who gets full coaching staffs

Published: Jul. 13, 2022 at 5:49 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Typically, the Senior Bowl is coached by two full NFL coaching staffs but the league announced that those staffs will be in Las Vegas for next year’s East-West Shrine Bowl.

“It’s a new opportunity for our players and an opportunity for NFL teams to see what the Shrine Bowl and Shriner’s hospital is all about,” said Eric Galko with the East-West Shine Bowl.

A league source confirmed that a memo was sent to all 32 teams which says starting next year the two teams will alternate who gets the full staffs. Meaning in 2023 the Senior Bowl will be coached by staffs made up of nominated coaches from teams who don’t make the playoffs. The same system the Shrine Bowl has used for the last few years.

“It’s a chance for NFL teams to nominate some of their coaches they want to get new experiences. For example having assistant receiver coaches be receiver coaches or having receiver coaches be offensive coordinators,” added Galko.

Eric Galko with the East-West Shrine Bowl says the system has worked in the past, but having two full staffs could be beneficial to certain players.

“I think having two NFL staffs and all that comes with that a lot of cohesion coaches being on the same page evaluating players as well as coaching them is a benefit,” said Galko.

Galko says this could be good news for both games, and it’ll be interesting to see what affect this has on the rosters.

“I think it’s a sign by the NFL to make sure that all-star games are all on the same playing field. I think for some players this will make a big impact on where they want to go but deciding on an all-star game is multifaceted,” said Galko.

The Senior Bowl is also on board with the NFL’s decision. They sent us the following statement:

“The Reese’s Senior Bowl fully embraces the new all-star coaching format and we are excited for what the changes will bring to our game. Last year’s initiatives of promoting from within the full staffs and adding HBCU coaches were both hugely successful and we see great benefit of having a collection of NFL assistant coaches from non-playoff teams on a yearly rotational basis. Most importantly, this is a positive for our players in that they will now potentially be exposed to coaches from over half the league’s teams. The Reese’s Senior Bowl will always be in support of league programs aimed at promoting diversity in hiring.” --Reese’s Senior Bowl Executive Director Jim Nagy.

Again, the coaching staff selections will alternate between games each year meaning in 2024 the Senior Bowl will be coached by two full NFL staffs.


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