Fairhope man discovers bullet hole in boat, wants to raise awareness on reckless shooting

Because this is pretty random, it’s not easy for police to pinpoint exactly where the bullet came from.
Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 9:46 PM CDT
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FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WALA) -Stray bullets in Baldwin County are getting too close to comfort for some homeowners.

A Fairhope man says a bullet struck the back of his boat over the weekend, now it’s left him and his wife concerned.

Because this is pretty random, it’s not easy for police to pinpoint exactly where the bullet came from.

The owner Ben Hofferber says he’s always outside working on his boat and says that the bullet could have easily hit him.

“On Thursday I was actually standing on this corner working on some of the water systems in it,” Hofferber explained. “If it would have happened then it likely would have hit me. "

Now, he has a strong message he wants to send to gun owners.

“It appeared to be a stray bullet, possibly hit the boat and yeah it just had me a little bit concerned,” Hofferber said. “There’s a lot of good gun owners out there that are responsible but just kind of want to raise awareness for people that think it’s okay to shoot off into the woods and not know what’s behind what they’re shooting.”

Hofferber lives off County Road 24.

He says he’s constantly hearing gunshots out in the area and suspects the bullet came from across his lake.

He doesn’t believe he was the intended target but if the careless shooting continues he fears someone may get hurt.

“There’s some undeveloped woods across there. There’s reflective signs and things with bullet holes in them already indicating they might have shot off into the woods,” he said. “Generally trying to raise awareness so that somebody doesn’t get hurt. I’ve heard of several other stories in the area recently as well.”

One of those recent stories happened just two weeks ago when a Summerdale family had their window shattered by a bullet, leaving the family ducking for cover.

Baldwin County deputies were also unable to pinpoint where those shots came from.

Hofferber says he wasn’t able to find the bullet that hit his boat to turn into police.

If you know anything about this incident, contact Fairhope Police.


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