Stockton man comes across huge rattlesnake

Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 3:07 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - A man in Baldwin County this weekend had a run-in with a dangerous reptile.

“I’ve never seen a rattlesnake that big out here.”

Sunday, Vincent Broughton of Stapleton was driving through his neighborhood with his daughter when he saw a large, wedge-shaped head slither out of the grass and into the road.

“I said baby that’s a snake!” Broughton exclaimed. “I tried to swerve over with her driving to hit him, but she missed him and that’s when I jumped out grabbed that board and went to hit him and I saw it was a huge one. "

Broughton said the reason why he didn’t just leave the snake alone was because of where it was headed. It was going through the grass, towards a church when Sunday services were about to let out.

“Everybody in church came out here and watched us,” Broughton told us.

Stretched out on his tailgate, the snake measured six feet long. A full-grown adult.

Rattler Facts

Rattlesnakes are America’s largest venomous snakes and can reach eight feet in length. The venom in their fangs can inflict massive tissue damage. These are ambush predators lying in wait, and with their diamond camouflage, they can be easy to miss.

Avoiding them is the preferred method of dealing with them.

“Me personally I was just crazy enough to hit him with a stick, but everybody else just go the opposite way, get back, because they are dangerous, and they are poisonous,” Broughton said.

Bitten? Don’t Panic!

If you’re bitten by a rattler, don’t tie of a tourniquet or try to suck out the venom. That’s movie misinformation. Instead, stay calm, and get medical help as soon as possible.


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