Peak hurricane season - changes expected

Published: Aug. 30, 2022 at 2:39 PM CDT
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Let’s do a primer on the ingredients you need for a tropical system:

Number one is water temperatures that are above 80 degrees. Number two is lift. You’re going to start lifting the water vapor from the warm ocean up into the atmosphere, and that’s the fuel that tropical systems need. Lastly, they also need light winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere for a healthy circulation.

The reason why we haven’t had many storms through July and now through much of August is because there’s been a lot of dust coming off the Saharan desert, moving it’s way across the Atlantic. That dust short-circuits tropical systems by reflecting sunlight, which cools off the surface of the ocean. That means less moisture and fuel which hampers development.

Currently, the Saharan dust situation has decreased significantly. There is some more dust coming off Africa, but it’s more northerly, which is opening up the main development region in the tropical Atlantic.

Unfortunately, it’s just in time for peak hurricane season as move into September. So, stay aware as we see conditions improve for tropical systems.


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