Floridians hunkering down as they brace for Hurricane Ian

As the major hurricane barrels towards Florida’s west coast, some are praying for a small impact.
Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 10:52 PM CDT
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ST.PETERSBURG, FL. (WALA) - Thousands of people headed out of harm’s way Tuesday. Central Florida highways have been packed all day.

But a lot of people are staying behind, deciding to ride it out.

FOX 10 News spoke with people who live in Fort Myers and near St. Pete.

They said they’re well prepared for the impact of Ian, as they’ve been through hurricanes before.

Tina Taviano who lives in Fort Myers, Florida, just east of I-75, says she lives in Zone D which is not an evacuation zone.

“There’s not a whole lot of time left. It’s either go time or stay time at this point,” Taviano said. “It’s a major storm and everyone needs to take this very seriously.”

As the major hurricane barrels towards Florida’s west coast, some are praying for a small impact.

“Just praying that the storm will dissipate as it nears land and it won’t impact any of us very much,” one Florida resident said.

Lynda Bryan lives just south of St. Petersburg which falls under Zone A which is under evacuation order.

She says her family was prepared to stay in a hotel, but their plans changed.

“This hurricane was predicted to hit us head-on. Gosh just a couple of days ago and it’s changed so quickly in the forecast,” Bryan said. “But we were gonna go. We had hotel reservations starting tonight but we canceled those when the forecast changed.”

While Lynda is waiting it out at home, her husband, Dr. Curtis Bryan, will be waiting it out at the hospital for the next two days.

“We are currently sheltering in place at Bayfront Health in St. Petersburg,” Dr. Bryan said. “We anticipate sheltering until probably Thursday at this point. We’re all here to serve the patients. That’s why we’re here.”

Fortunately for Mobile, we’re not expected to see any major impacts.


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