Stapleton homeowner recalls nerve-racking moments burglar tried to break in

The suspect, John Evans, was caught minutes later with the use of a drone.
Published: Nov. 15, 2022 at 11:16 PM CST
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BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WALA) - A Stapleton homeowner is detailing the nerve-racking moments an alleged burglar tried coming through his back door.

His wife and daughter-armed, barricaded themselves inside, as the man raced to get to them.

The suspect, John Evans, was caught minutes later with the use of a drone.

The homeowner has quite the story to tell...

Out of safety for his family, he didn’t want to go on camera but wanted this story to be told.

He said he has never seen or met Evans in his life, but knew something was wrong the moment he came to his house.

“Things click in your head at a moment. I can’t tell you how it happened, why it happened, it’s just something in my head said this ain’t right,” the homeowner said.

The homeowner says he encountered Evans on Monday when he pulled up to his house on Highway 59 in Stapleton.

He says Evans was asking to do work on his house.

“It was a gentleman out there and he wanted to know if I needed any yard work or any work done around the house, and I’m like nah we’re good and thanks,” he explained. “He kind of gave me like a stare-down for a few seconds there and I kind of felt weird about it. And I’m like no man I’m good I don’t need nothing. And I just kind of turned my back on him and closed the door.”

After turning down Evan’s offer the homeowner says he didn’t stop there.

After leaving to go to dinner with his granddaughter he says he encountered Evans again...this time on the roadway.

“After a few minutes passed we were staring down each other, I realized that, hey that was the guy who was just at my house,” he said. “This is really weird now. It took a few seconds like this ain’t right so I called my wife and told her to grab the gun and lock the house up.”

Not wasting any time the homeowner says he rushed back home.

It wasn’t long before he got another call from his wife and daughter saying Evans was trying to come through the back door.

“That’s when she yelled he’s here, he’s here! He’s trying to come into the back door! Well, she had her gun and my daughter had her gun on her. And I think it startled him for one that it was people home, let alone two females with a gun,” he said.

Investigators with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office say Evans took off into the woods.

Deputies say he was caught shortly afterward with the use of a drone hiding in some brush.

He was taken to the Baldwin County Corrections Center.

The homeowner says neither his wife nor daughter were hurt.

Evans is being charged with second-degree burglary, possession of burglary tools, and resisting arrest.

His bond was set at $16,000.


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