Florida officer accidentally overdoses on fentanyl, body cam video released

On Tuesday, Officer Bannick was conducting a traffic stop, saying she found drugs on one of the passengers.
Published: Dec. 15, 2022 at 9:33 PM CST
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TAVARES, FL. (WALA) - Intense video shows the moment a Florida police officer accidentally overdosed after finding fentanyl during a traffic stop.

It’s a rare look at just how dangerous that drug is.

The Tavares Police Department near Orlando, Florida wanted to release the video for a reason.

Officer Courtney Bannick who almost died, wanted the video released as well, so people can see for themselves just how dangerous fentanyl is.

Officers rushed into action this week when they noticed something was wrong with their sister in blue.

On Tuesday, Officer Bannick was conducting a traffic stop, saying she found drugs on one of the passengers.

Taking the necessary precautions, Officer Bannick used gloves to handle the fentanyl, but windy conditions caused her to be exposed.

Her fellow officers immediately gave her two doses of Narcan as she starts to breathe again.

She says it was a dollar bill she was exposed to.

A few moments later she becomes unconscious again receiving a third dose of Narcan.

Mobile County Sheriff-Elect Paul Burch says he watched the video several times Thursday morning.

Burch says this speaks to the dangers of these deadly drugs, that even a small dose can be fatal.

“It is so powerful and lethal that it takes such a small quantity to either inhale or accidentally inhale or ingest in some way,” Burch said. “It can penetrate the skin. Just cause you have on gloves don’t mean it’s not gonna get into the pores of your arms.”

A few months ago Burch says one of his deputies was rushed to the emergency room after coming in contact with fentanyl.

He says had those officers not responded the way they did, it could’ve ended much differently.

“Had it not been for there fast response she wouldn’t be here today,” Burch said.

Courtney Sullivan with the Tavares Police Department say Officer Bannick wanted this video to shine on a light on this issue.

“Officer Bannick in general really wants others to take away from this, that these drugs are dangerous,” Sullivan said. “They are dangerous for not only yourself but others surrounding you.”

Officer Bannick is expected to return to work by the end of this week.

According to the police department the individuals involved in the traffic stop are facing felony charges.


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