Local teen recovers from complications of flu: “I’m just glad to be here”

A 14-year-old girl in Alabama is thankful to be alive after she nearly died from flu complications. (Source: WALA)
Published: Dec. 18, 2022 at 8:45 PM CST
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - “I’m just glad I’m here,” said Mileigh Mothershead.

14-year-old Mileigh Mothershead -- is thankful to be alive. The Satsuma High School Freshman spent several weeks at USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital on a ventilator -- following complications from the flu.

“I just remember -- it was hard to breathe... It just all happened really fast,” recalled Mileigh.

“I mean she went from school on a Thursday to a ventilator on a Tuesday,” said Brittany Mothershead, Mileigh’s Mom.

Admitted on Halloween -- Mileigh already had pneumonia. Due to a rare blood disorder which makes it difficult for her body to fight off bacteria -- Mileigh coded.

“It kind of shocks me that I’m 14 years old and had cardiac arrest and I came out of it... I’m still here,” said Mileigh.

Her older sister Joeli died from the disorder in 2007. With stress put on Mileigh’s heart, kidneys, and lungs -- she was placed on a ventilator. Unsure if she’d come out of it -- her family knows her recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

“She’s had follow up appointments since being home and even her physicians are amazed at how good she looked because of how sick she was. One of the hashtags that we used for updating on Mileigh -- was “Mileigh’s Miracle” -- and she is that in every since of the word! There’s no other explaination,” said Brittany.

Believers in the power of prayer, Mileigh is grateful for her prayer warriors -- many of whom formed a prayer circle in front of the hospital during her time there.

“It kind of shocked me to see how many people cared... I mean there were people that I didn’t even know that were there. Thank you -- it really means a lot,” said Mileigh.

Now back home for the holidays -- this Christmas -- is extra special and one they won’t soon forget.

“Thank you to everyone outside of her immediate circle who rallied around her -- thank you!!! Thank you to WALA FOX 10 - thank you for getting her name out there. Thank you for allowing to get her story out there to multitudes of people to pray for her,” said Alicia Wilson, Mileigh’s Aunt.

Mileigh hopes to return to in-class learning soon and is even ready to compete in a pageant next month. We wish her all the best in her recovery!


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