Fairhope residents get questions answered about new “Permitless Carry” Law

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 10:20 PM CST
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - We’re nearly three weeks into the new year and Alabama’s new “permitless carry” law taking effect. Thursday night on the Eastern Shore -- Fairhope Police along with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, and Baldwin District Attorney’s Office held a discussion on what it all means.

“We don’t expect that it’s going to change much. But you are going to have any time there is a law change everyone wants to be in on it and they should be... to get educated and they want to make sure they are doing the right thing,” said Chief Stephanie Hollinghead, Fairhope Police.

“So being able to communicate directly with the public, see and hear what their questions are and make sure we are on the same page is really important,” said Captain Andre Reid, Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

While Alabama is no longer requiring gun permits for 21 and older -- a lot of things remain the same -- like where you can have a gun. Still off limits: government buildings, police stations, courthouses, schools, and priviate businesses and employers where guns are prohibited.

A good turnout of gun owners and the public showed up at the Fairhope Civic Center with questions.

Those forbidden to carry a gun remains the same. But perhaps one of the biggest changes -- during a traffic stop -- if an officer asks if you have a gun -- you have to tell them. And the officer can also take the gun and run a background check on it at their own discretion.

“Lee: Biggest takeaway? -- Man: My biggest takeaway from tonight was a very simple one and that is if you have a weapon in the car -- there’s no point to have a weapon in the car unless it’s loaded -- that hasn’t changed.”

“From now on we don’t have to have a permit or buy a permit, but I’m still going to buy a permit. Because I never know what state I’m going to be travelling in and even though some are reciprocal I don’t know,” said one woman.

“Lee: Are you leaving with a better understanding tonight? -- Woman: I am, I am.”

Again, one of the biggest points made -- if you are travelling with a gun -- you may want to still get an Alabama gun permit -- or at least know what the gun laws are in other states.

You can get a pistol permit through the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office:

$25 for one year.

$125 for 5 years.

Lifetime Pistol Permit: $300 under the age of 60, $150 over the age of 60.


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