Trouble Sleeping? This tech could help

Updated: Feb. 28, 2023 at 9:45 PM CST
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -Everything is just better when you have a god night’s rest. Unfortunately, most people aren’t getting enough sleep. Studies show a significant increase in sleep deprivation; one survey shows the average person has 10 sleepless nights a month! That’s a lot of people are walking around red-and blurred-eyed.

Fortunately, the world of tech is full of gadgets designed to help.

The Oura Ring is described as a sleep lab on your finger. It has a bedtime guidance tool that shows the optimal time you should go to sleep, based on your recent sleep scores and activities for that day. The ring will run you $200 to $400 and there’s a monthly membership fee.

For tracking your sleep, there’s the Halo Rise from Amazon. It uses radar technology to determine your breathing and movement throughout the night, plus it automatically starts when you get in bed. The tool creates a graph when you wake up that shows the time spent in each phase of sleep: REM, light and deep sleep. Using that data, it provides suggestions on improving your sleep environment to optimize your rest. There’s even a wake up light that simulates the sunrise so you feel more rested.

Then there’s the Morphee Zen Pebble. The screen-free device delivers dozens of audio sessions to help you relax. It’s small so you can take it wherever you help slow racing thoughts and ease more into relaxation.

Similar to that would be the Moonbird. It’s a palm-sized breathing coach that connects to an app to track your heartbeat and rests between beats. Anytime you need to chill, place your thumb on the sensor while breathing in and breathing out until you drift off to dreamland.


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