Prichard homicide victim told FOX10 News 7 years ago: “Put the guns down -- it’s not worth it”

Published: Mar. 12, 2023 at 10:35 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Prichard Police identify the victim of Saturday night’s homicide as 24-year-old Demetris Hunter. He was gunned down outside Brother’s Quick Pick gas station on Mehear and Craft Highway around 8 p.m.

We’re told a block party was going on at the location at the time of the shooting. According to investigators -- Hunter was shot once in the torse and pronounced dead on the scene.

In 2016 -- just 17-years-old -- Demetris Hunter was one of three teens in Metro Jail, ho sat down with our then Reporter Devan Cofarro to discuss a very disturbing and sometimes deadly trend.

“Devan (2016): Why did you feel the need to have a gun? -- Demetris: The area where I stay at and so much is going on... With getting robbed and stuff happening... Shootouts and fights and all that. I just feel safer with a gun.”

All three teens were very candid about why they decided to pick up a gun and what it felt like.

“Demetris (2016): It felt like power. Devan: It felt like power? - Demetris: Yeah like you ain’t scared of nobody.”

Tonight -- Demetris is a victim -- the latest to be killed by gun violence -- something he told us 7 years ago was a vicious cycle among young people who feel like they don’t have any other option -- but to carry a gun to protect themselves.

“I didn’t want to die... I was scared,” said Demetris (2016). “People just want to be like that -- people just want to live that lifestyle -- they think that’s the way to live. But once you get back here it doesn’t matter what you did or how you did it --you’ll be a nobody back here. It’s not worth throwing your life away.”

Even as investigators continue to follow leads into his murder -- Demetris’ words still hold true 7 years later.

“Demetris (2016): Put the guns down -- if you’ve got a problem -- walk the other way. Find a job -- just stay out of trouble... Don’t use... Don’t think a gun will keep you out of trouble because it only brings you more trouble.... Some trouble you can’t get out.”

At this time no arrests have been made. If you have information that can help investigators -- call the Prichard Major Crime Division 251-452-2211.