Crawfish prices drop across the Gulf Coast

Published: Mar. 21, 2023 at 4:58 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -This time of year crawfish are in high demand across the Gulf Coast. Especially at DIP Seafood Mudbugs.

“We got a crop of crawfish this year a lot of quantity and a great quality this year,” said owner J.J. Saurage.

Owner J.J Saurage says they’ve been as busy as ever this year even when they had to start selling the popular mudbugs at $6.00 a pound because of how the cold weather affects them.

“Every year with crawfish there’s a supply and demand so your prices normally at the beginning are always higher then mother nature kind of dictates what happens next,” said Saurage.

Saurage says even with the quick cold snaps we’ve seen recently he’s been able to drop his prices to $4.50 a pound for cooked crawfish which is good news for his customers.

“Everything is so expensive you know. I mean the price of bread is going up so naturally anything that’s going to decrease in price, hey that’s a blessing,” said James Mauldin.

With lower prices comes more customers. Saurage says him and his team are working around the clock to send their customers home happy.

“We get here about 6-6:30 and start getting the crawfish trucks in,” added Saurage. “Then we start the process of cleaning the crawfish and usually around 8:30-9 we’ll start cooking. We’ll continue cleaning and cooking till about 6 o’clock that night.”

While customers are happy to catch a break on prices they say they aren’t about to miss going home with a bag full of crawfish no matter how much they cost.

“They’re doing it right here. See you get what you pay for and I like what they sell. I’m coming for the crawfish no matter how much they cost,” said Mauldin.

Saurage says he gets his crawfish fresh from Louisiana every day and as of right now he doesn’t see his prices going back up.