Impact 100 Mobile awards Mulherin Home with a $102K grant

Updated: Mar. 23, 2023 at 5:30 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - The Mulherin Home is getting a big boost this week.

They’re the 2023 recipients of Impact 100 Mobile’s first-ever grant.

The Mulherin Home has served men and women with disabilities since 1952.

Executive Director Vickie King says she’s still processing the news.

“There’s just no words to describe- it means everything to us. Like I said, that’s how we survive, is organizations that come together and supply funds and grants,” said Vickie King, Executive Director of the Mulherin Home.

Impact 100 Mobile is the female-based nonprofit that awarded them the check, funding the grant through member donations.

“This is the first year for Impact 100 Mobile. It’s a great place for professional women, or any women of any part in the community. That’s one of their big points is that everyone’s welcome and it’s a place that all women can come together and help out our community,” said Jamie Yerby.

After an extensive process, Mulherin was chosen from the final cut of applicants.

“We were one of four. So it was Mulherin Home, Villa, Camp Rapahoe, and Ronald McDonald house which are all wonderful agencies so it was a toss-up, it could have been anyone,” added Yerby.

Plans are already in motion on how they’ll spend the money.

“We’re going to replace the roof as well as purchase a new privacy fence to go around our property and we’re going to buy new laundry equipment- all much needed replacements for our home,” stated King.

“We do approximately 30 loads of laundry a day- we have 30 residents, you can only imagine- so our ladies that are involved with that- when they learned we were getting new equipment-- they were most excited,” she added.

There was certainly a buzz of excitement and thanks from residents, too.

King applauds the selflessness and dedication of Impact 100 Mobile.

“The heart of those ladies-- they were as excited as we were to give us the grant. They were as excited as we were to receive it. Their hearts are huge and just to know all the hours that it took to make the decision for us to receive it- like Jamie has already said, we were up against some very wonderful organizations. We are so grateful,” she concluded.

The Mulherin Home says Impact 100 Mobile plans to grow their membership so they can give out even more funds.

Click here to learn more about Impact 100 Mobile.