Monthslong drug sting results in arrest of two Loxley men

Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 4:08 PM CDT
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LOXLEY, Ala. (WALA) - A monthslong drug sting ended in the arrest of two Loxley men and the confiscation of multiple types of drugs, including methamphetamine, cocaine and suspected fentanyl. It happened in the Loxley Heights community, an area that saw a recent outbreak of violent crime.

“I think they got everybody scared now, so they…they should be alright,” said a relieved Thedore Lett.

Lett thinks the drug bust in his neighborhood March 22, 2023 will have a positive impact there, curtailing not only the drug trade but violent crime as well. The Baldwin County Drug Task Force arrested Quincy Prim and Jerry Lee Salter after a search of their residences turned up significant amounts of illegal drugs.

Baldwin County deputies arrested Quincy Prim and Jimmy Slater after a search of their homes...
Baldwin County deputies arrested Quincy Prim and Jimmy Slater after a search of their homes turned up a significant amount of illegal drugs(Baldwin County Sheriff's Office)

Investigators found 127 grams of methamphetamine – ICE, 47 grams of both powder and crack cocaine, illegal prescription pills and pills suspected to contain fentanyl. Baldwin County Sheriff, Hoss Mack said the arrests came after a lengthy investigation.

“This has been going on a long time. Both these individuals have prior narcotics histories, so when I say significant, this was a very significant case,” Mack said. “Right now, they’re charged in the state court. It will be reviewed by the US Attorney’s Office. This case could be adopted federally.”

Quicny Prim and Jimmy Salter both have arrest histories in Baldwin County dating back more than two decades. Prim’s charges have been mostly drug-related, and Mack hopes with that history and this arrest, he’ll be put away for a long time.

“When you have an individual like this…a true pestilence in that community, people in that community stepped up. They were tired of it,” Mack explained. “They didn’t want this to continue and so, when we have somebody like that, we put our emphasis on him. We put a lot of resources in that with the sole goal of not only arresting them but seeing that they do go to prison for a very long time.”

Lett, who said he’s Quincy Prim’s uncle by marriage is disappointed his nephew got caught up in the illegal drug trade but said what happened is best for the neighborhood.

“I am because there’s too many children up here and I don’t like children being caught up like that because I got children…grandchildren,” said Lett. “My children, grown but I got grandchildren.”

Quincy Prim faces three counts of drug trafficking and six counts of distribution of a controlled substance. He’s being held on no bond on each of the trafficking charges. Jimmy Salter is charged with distribution of a controlled substance and conspiracy to commit a substance abuse crime. He’s also being held on no bond for a probation violation.