Fans placing bets on March Madness at Scarlet Pearl

Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 9:27 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - We are now in the middle of March Madness – Alabama faced off with San Diego State Friday night in the NCAA Tournament.

According to the American Gaming Association more than $15.5-billion in bets are being made this year. Some fans placing bets at the Scarlet Pearl Casino & Resort Sportsbook.

After the Super Bowl -- the Scarlet Pearl says March Madness is their 2nd biggest sports betting event. And while going into Friday night’s game -- #1 Alabama was the favorite. However, when it comes to March Madness -- Sportsbook Manager Brad Carpenter says a lot of fans like the underdogs.

“Kind of the Cinderella stories that come up every year. Like this year we have Princeton -- we have a lot of people betting on them. They play later tonight... That people don’t expect much from. Florida and Atlanta -- that’s another one. So people love that sense of it’s a one and your done,” said Carpenter.

And March Madness had Mack Dale making the trip from Mobile -- to get in on the game!

“I took Alabama in 7 point spread, but I’m not a Bama fan - this is why that orange is on... (laughs),” said Dale.

While there’s no guarantees -- the unpredictability on the hardwood -- can be thrilling!

“It’s exciting! The favorites will win one night and most betters love to play the favorites or they love to play the overs and that’s what I normally do,” said Robert Anthony Jackson -- watching the game on the big screen with a friend.

The NCAA Women’s Tournament also has fans making wagers. Peggy & Don Guillot from Donaldsonville, Louisiana -- putting their money on LSU!

“Lee: This is the first time you’ve done some betting on the game -- what’s that like? -- Peggy: Well... Uh let’s hope they win... (laughs) -- We’LL be excited -- yes!”

With a number of betting combinations and in-play betting -- you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to win big.

“I won an 8-leg parlay -- three weeks ago I put $20 down and I won a little over $2800 -- Yep,” said Jackson.

“Dale: You can pick low bets... And look for a lot of money. It’s like a $10 bet could run you up into thousands of dollars. Lee: but you can also lose -- that’s why they call it a gamble though. -- Dale: Absolutely -- the ball is round and can go up in there and roll right back out. There are highs and lows in basketball!”

The Scarlet Pearl Sportsbook tells FOX 10 News the next time they expect a crowd to come and watch a big sporting event is the first Saturday in May – for the Kentucky Derby.

Alabama fell to San Diego State 64 to 71.