ALDOT set to reopen all 4 lanes of Hwy 181 in Baldwin County

Published: Mar. 29, 2023 at 9:58 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - ALDOT is set to reopen all four lanes of traffic on Highway-181 in Baldwin County Thursday, March 30th. It’s welcomed news to businesses, residents, and drivers who have commuted through construction for several years.

The widening project stared in 2018. Like any project there have been delays -- including Hurricane Sally, rain, a worker shortage, and supply chain issues.

ALDOT Spokesperson James Gordon says they expect crews to start the reopening process between 9 a.m. and noon Thursday with all four lanes reopened around lunch time.

“It means on my way home it will be clear (laughs),” said one driver.

“I’m really excited that it’s going to open up tomorrow,” said another driver.

From alternating lanes, closures, and delays -- the widening project has been testing driver’s patience for more than four years.

“Oh yes – every morning when I come through at like 7:30 or 8 it cause so much trouble… it’s been very hectic,” said one driver.

ALDOT says once traffic normalizes – they will do a study to see which intersections need traffic lights and additional signals.

“I think this intersection – might need an extra light or two and especially with the expansion – the Publix shopping center they have going over here it’s going to bring a lot more traffic – so we’ll see,” said one driver.

It’s all just another example – of growing pains -- in what continues to be the fastest growing county in the state.

“I’m just hoping for the speed limit to get better – because it’s hard to go that slow on a highway. But I’m just really excited to have more space and to hopefully be able to turn out of the neighborhoods more safely – because right now it feels really dangerous turning out of some of these neighborhoods on the highway,” said one driver.

“I honestly think it’s going to continue to be hectic – while everybody figures it out at first, but then it will be good,” said one driver.

Meanwhile ALDOT says expect lane closures from time to time over the next month as they do some of the finishing up work and be cautious of construction workers.