Grizzly Axes brings bar fun and axe throwing to Port City

Published: May. 20, 2023 at 10:22 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - There’s a new sports and entertainment experience in town --Grizzly Axes -- just opened a venue here in the Port City. Combining a bar, ax throwing and a few other surprises -- we had to check it out!

“Axe throwing, in the South, with alcohol -- are you crazy,” said Jeffrey Fischer, owner and operator of Grizzly Axes.

Fischer -- better known to most as “Papa Grizz” -- says he too needed convincing before starting up their first location nearly four years ago in Pensacola. While it sounded crazy at the time -- their business model not only worked -- but caught on fast!

“They think right away -- this must be dangerous. It is absolutely not dangerous. Before anyone throws here -- we go over a whole list of safety rules. We monitor what people are doing -- we have cameras everywhere,” said Fischer.

12 years and up -- you’re able to play -- most getting the hang of it after a couple of throws.

“It’s really good -- we’ve done five games so far. I have two wins -- he has three,” said Courtnee Fleming.

“It’s very competitive. I’ve been having to watch to make sure she doesn’t step over the line over there (laughs),” Jacob Nobles.

Fischer’s son Jeff will be running the Mobile location and gave us tour of the 10,000 square foot facility.

“We have a Nintendo Switch and PS4 -- if people want to hangout and play some games. A bunch of table top games, which are free to play,” explained Jeff.

In the back is where it really starts to get interesting. There’s the Messy Mural room -- often times the the artists leaving with more paint on them than their canvases. And if that sounds wild -- throw on some protective gear and smash some glass in one of two Rage Rooms. You could call it “therapy” for those wanting to burn off some steam. It all plays outside on a live feed. Let’s just say most leave with a new attitude.

“Definitely calmer -- you would think -- they let that stress out. We get a lot of mothers with young kids in here that have that stress built up. And then you get rid of it,” said Jeff.

“There are different items that you could throw. This is the first time that we did it. And we had a lot of fun. Different assortment of things -- wine glasses. We just got the starter pack -- but we’ll probably get the bigger pack next time,” said one woman.

The table games and Messy Mural room are open to all ages. Grizzly Axes is located at 4325 Downtowner Loop S., Mobile, AL, 36609. They’re open seven days a week.