Check the fees on your next DoorDash order

Lawsuit claims Apple users are charged more
Published: May. 22, 2023 at 9:43 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -As far as class-action lawsuits go, you could say this would be a whopper!

DoorDash is accused of giving Apple users the raw end of the deal. According to a lawsuit filed in Maryland the San Francisco-based company is engaging in fraudulent behavior when it comes to its fee.

At issue, the suit alleges, the “expanded range fee” that seems to be arbitrarily applied.

DoorDash says the fee helps the company preserve access to the available merchants farthest from customers. The suit states otherwise. It claims DoorDash charges an “expanded range” fee to iPhone users but Android users who order the same items don’t get that fee. The lawsuit says the extra charges are because those who use iPhones may earn more money in general than Android users. To prove their point the plaintiff conducted several tests.

In one set of tests, an Android hone and an iPhone were used to place the same order: a breakfast sandwich with avocado and egg whites, and a chocolate chip bagel from a nearby Panera Bread to the same address simultaneously.

In the first order, according to the suit, the iPhone was at the delivery location and the Android was 15 miles away; but it was the iPhone user who received the expanded range fee.

In the second, the phones’ locations were reversed, with the iPhone being used 15 miles away from the delivery site; the iPhone user, the suit alleges, was still charged the fee.

Then in a third test, according to the suit, the phones were both at the delivery location and the iPhone not only allegedly received the expanded range fee but was also charged an additional dollar in delivery fees.

DoorDash has about 32 million users and earns billions of dollars in revenue. Nowhere on its website does it say anything about charging Apple users more that hasn’t stopped videos of the suit from going viral on TikTok.

For its part, the company is crying foul on the lawsuit...saying the claims are baseless and without merit.