Healthy Living with USA Health: Bladder Cancer

Published: May. 24, 2023 at 9:46 AM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Bladder cancer is treatable if it is diagnosed at an early stage. That’s why it’s important to review the symptoms of this type of cancer, particularly during May, which is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month.

Christopher Keel, D.O., a urologist with USA Health University Urology, points to blood in the urine as the primary warning sign. Another symptom is pain during urination.

Bladder cancer is the fourth most common cancer in men and is less common in women. The average age of people diagnosed with this cancer is 73, according to the American Cancer Society.

The most common way to diagnose bladder cancer is for a urologist to examine the bladder using a small scope. This procedure an be done in the doctor’s office, Keel said.

In addition, Blue Light Cystoscopy is available at USA Health. This unique technology allows urologists to detect cancer cells in the bladder using an enhanced imaging procedure. Blue Light Cystoscopy, when used in conjunction with a contrast solution, causes bladder cancer cells to appear fluorescent, making them more visible.

The primary treatment for bladder cancer is surgery, which can be used alone or with other cancer therapies.

Christopher Keel, D.O., Urologist, USA Health University Urology:

Dr. Keel is the interim chair of the urology department at the Whiddon College of Medicine at the University of South Alabama and program director for the urology residency program.

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