Theodore High School press box vandalized, causing $60,000 worth of damage

Updated: May. 24, 2023 at 5:00 PM CDT
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THEODORE, Ala. (WALA) - Mobile Police are investigating a mystery at Theodore High School after their press box was vandalized last week.

There is approximately $60,000 worth of damage, including some stolen items.

Mobile County Public School System District 5 Commissioner Johnny Hatcher says the surveillance cameras didn’t catch any suspect(s). For Hatcher, it’s a mixture of frustration and disappointment.

“The cameras didn’t catch anything- anyone coming in or leaving so we have virtually nothing to go on,” explained Hatcher. “They had to wander through the woods. It was likely the back part by the neighborhood.”

“This press box isn’t much- we get it. But the electronics in here are very valuable,” he added.

Now, all that’s left of the press box are cords stripped from the wall, a shattered sound system, broken chairs, and more.

This comes just days after Theodore High School’s graduation, but Hatcher says it’s not a senior prank.

“One year, the students put chickens inside the gym. And these are the most extreme that I’ve seen them get. One year, they put the golf cart on top of the canopy out front, but there wasn’t any damage involved. They get creative, but they don’t do damage,” said Hatcher. “This is not a prank- this is 100 percent vandalism and should be treated as such.”

Hatcher says the destruction is causing long-term problems.

“We’re gonna have to spend $60,000 to get this back in shape and that’s money out of our budget for these children,” said Hatcher. “This is now top priority. We’re gonna have to work on this and move this to the top of the list- it’s important these kids have this. This is where they can come out and play on their home field especially on opening day.”

If you have any information on who did this, call the Mobile Police Department.