Outdoor living tips

Published: May. 25, 2023 at 11:33 AM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - With summer and Memorial Day approaching more and more people will be heading outdoors. 20-year home improvement expert Kathryn Emery has been busy testing the hottest outdoor home products and trends for the season.

  • Organize Your Yard: You can’t get that outdoor work started if you’re not organized. Kathryn offers organizational tips using Rubbermaid sheds to safely store all your outdoor tools and living materials.
  • Garden Quieter! Gardening is a spring and summer rite of passage, and while it’s supposed to be relaxing the noise of some of those garden and lawn tools can be a problem. The Ryobi Whisper Series can help you have an immaculate landscape while keeping the neighborhood happy with its low decibels.

· Keep Cool: When all that work is done, you’ll want to relax in your stunning new yard. Summer heat can be overwhelming, but the Ecto Chair will keep you cool all day long. Whether in your own back yard, camping or at the beach, the Ecto Chair uses Arctica cool technology to regulate body temperature and provide all the cool needed for a 9-hour day under the sun.

  • Keep Your Lawn Green: A green lawn needs a good sprinkler system. Kathryn will demo the KAP-IT DIY sprinkler extension that will keep your watering efficient.

For more go to her blog & website www.bethebesthome.com.