Daphne Search & Rescue christen & name newest life-saving vessel

Published: May. 25, 2023 at 9:53 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Daphne Search & Rescue not only christened but named the newest addition to its fleet.

Surrounded by supporters at Five Rivers Delta -- the new 28-foot Scully boat was christened by Impact 100′s Kristin Koppen.

“They are an amazing team. I am honored to work with them. Can’t tell you how important it is that they do what they do for our area. We are so blessed to have them,” said Koppen.

So much of what Daphne Search & Rescue is able to do -- is because of the all-women’s group Impact 100. It’s only fitting -- they gave a lasting tribute to the women -- and the ongoing mission of both groups -- by naming the vessel “Impact.”

“The name was a surprise! We are thrilled. We want to make an impact in our community -- that’s what our organization is all about -- supporting these non-profits. Obviously -- this is going to make an impact in the work that they do -- and it’s such an honor and a privilege to help support them,” said Sandy Stepan, Impact 100 President.

And it’s not the first time Impact 100 has helped Daphne Search and Rescue. The group purchased Daphne Search & Rescue’s first sonar back in 2015 -- essentially helping them organize their Advanced Sonar Team. This latest edition is already proving to be a real game-changer. They’ve had the boat for about a year -- responding to calls -- even helping in the search for the missing teens in Greene County earlier this week.

“One thing that this does it has the ability to make us more effective in our job. It’s an enclosed cabin -- so it’s got an air conditioner, it’s got heat. Waves crash over the front of the boat -- it doesn’t affect the operators inside. The sonar system we have on the back actually has a hydraulic gantry -- that extends out and shuffles back in to where we don’t even have to get out to launch or pull it in,” explained Captain Joshua Gibbs, Daphne Search & Rescue.

Now more than $160,000 -- not including the sonar equipment -- the Impact will certainly help them fulfill their motto - “Bringing Home the Lost.”

“So we’re able to have discrimination here in the water to see what is on the bottom at a level that a lot of other units and teams don’t have and that’s a game-changer when you are looking for something lost in the water,” said Capt. Gibbs.

Daphne Search & Rescue also gave a big thank you to the Alabama Association of Rescue Squads and other local vendors who have helped equip the Impact.