Jet-Setting with Jenn: All about Avelo Airlines

Published: May. 31, 2023 at 12:45 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - In today’s Jet-Setting with Jenn, we’re talking about Mobile’s newest airline - Avelo.

So - what is it? Avelo is a low-cost airline created by one of the co-founders of another low-cost airline, Allegiant. And it’s still fairly new, just officially starting in 2021. And one of their biggest marketing features is running flights out of smaller airports. So that’s just one thing that made the Mobile International Airport such a great location. Also an interesting note about their name. Avelo means hazelnut in Spanish, but that’s not what this airline means. The root words, ave has some meanings for bird, velo meaning swift, and led to Avelo meaning swift bird.

But focusing more on the airline and what they’re doing in Mobile. Currently, Avelo is only offering direct flights from here to Orlando. They fly direct from Mobile to Orlando on Sundays and Thursdays. The flights depart at 8 pm both days and arrive at 10:30 pm Eastern time. Flights returning, from Orlando to Mobile, fly on Sundays at 6:50 pm and arrive at 7:20 pm central time on Sundays, and 7:55 pm on Thursdays.

The best part - these flights start at $29! So if you’re purchasing this flight, roundtrip, with no add-ons, you are looking at a total of $58. That includes taxes and fees! Most summertime flights, however, are running about $49 one way, making for a roundtrip price of $98.

But, there are some potential add-ons. The first is baggage. You are only allowed one personal item, that’s a backpack or a purse. Carry-ons and checked bags will run you between $40 and $65, depending upon when your purchase them and how full the flight is. You can also pay extra to choose your seat or upgrade your seat for more room, priority boarding, and also bringing pets on board. Which, by the way, they allow dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds, as long as they fit in a crate under the seat in front of you.

Here’s something different that they do, that I like, especially for a low-cost airline. They have no cancellation fees, as long as you cancel online 15 minutes before your flight. You will get a credit for the airline, but if you cancel at least 7 days before, you get a full refund back on the card you used to book it.

Another way Avelo is different, and how they keep the costs down, is by not having a beverage service. Every passenger gets a small bottle of water, and sometimes a small snack, but they don’t give out free drinks besides that. Plus, they don’t have any for you to purchase either. So make sure you grab something before getting on board. Also, they don’t offer wifi or inflight entertainment. So don’t forget to download some movies or music ahead of time, and grab your book. I mentioned they focus on smaller airports. This helps limit costs and contributes to fewer flight cancellations, and they don’t offer a frequent flyer program.

All in all, this sounds like a great addition to Mobile. If you’re looking for a quick getaway, an easier way to travel to Universal or Disney, or even catching a cruise, this is an easy way to do it. There could be some added fees though, especially if you’re picky about your seat or if you pack a lot. Just make sure to also account for parking at the airport or your Uber costs of getting there. And check with your travel cards too - some offer perks to be used with Avelo.