Three teens arrested after police say juvenile pointed gun at MPD officer

Leaders say parents need to step up.
Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 9:57 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Three teens were arrested and sent to Strickland Youth Center after Mobile Police say one of them pulled a gun on an officer.

Officers were called out to Seabreeze and Cresthaven Road Thursday night, after police say multiple teens were walking around toting guns.

The two guns were reportedly stolen according to police.

Investigators say when officers came towards them, they took off running, one of them pointing a gun at one of the officers.

With kids out of school for the summer leaders at Strickland worry crimes will go up.

Mobile County Juvenile Court Judge Edmond Naman says parents need to step up, so their kids don’t end up in a courtroom in front of him.

He says this most recent situation could have gone south.

“Thank God this most recent act did not result in the death of a child,” Judge Naman said. “You know that our law enforcement acted with such discretion under a very heated situation.”

Judge Naman says Strickland is at full capacity right now, all 80 beds filled with young men.

He says most of their offenses involve guns.

He worries with kids out of school the numbers will only get higher.

“Usually in the summer we see less because they’re not you know together a lot on top of each other like they are during high school,” Naman said. “This year I’m not expecting that. I’m really worried.”

Now he says he wants to see parents step up.

“It’s scary right now the amount of guns that we have on the streets and the amount of children that have guns,” he said. “The only message I can give to the community is we need our parents support in all of this.”

It’s unclear exactly how many teens were out Thursday night.

According to MPD it was multiple but only the three 15-year-olds were caught.