Free financial literacy course by Capital One & Khan Academy

Published: Sep. 14, 2023 at 1:55 PM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Studies show that financial literacy classes help students learn to save, and that over half of the students with financial literacy education spend less than their income.

Sal Khan and Kerone Vatel share how a partnership between Khan Academy and Capital One can help bridge the equity gap.

“I think it’s a topic that for decades folks have thought should be inside of schools,” Khan, founder of Khan Academy said. Obviously we learn our math, our reading, our writing, our science, but if you don’t how to balance a checkbook, or understand what a mortgage is or understand what a 401K is, you’re going to have difficulty in life and on top of that, you now have a generation of young people who feel increasingly desperate about college loans, credit card debt, home prices, they feel like they might not be able to buy a house, they’re delaying getting married, having kids. The good news is a lot of states are passing legislation that now financial literacy needs to be part of middle school and high school curriculum. The problem is, is that there often times aren’t textbooks or curriculums to be able to address it and there might not be faculty who are ready to address it and so that’s why we have this partnership. Khan Academy, we’re not for profit, mission-free world class education for anyone, anywhere. We’re philanthropically supported by folks like Capital One to make this possible where we’re creating a course that can be used by teachers and students inside of schools, but it can also be used by people of all ages.”

Vatel, head of community & investment at Capital One, says they are excited to team up with Khan Academy and offer the free financial literacy course.

“These are some complex finance topics and we’re really thrilled that learners can engage with the courses at their own pace,” Vatel said. Knowledge is power in this moment, and we want all Americans to be in a place where they feel confident, capable and in control of their finances. Not only for this generation, but for the generations to come.

To learn more about the free financial literacy course, click HERE.