Greene & Phillips: What is personal injury law?

Published: Sep. 26, 2023 at 10:06 AM CDT
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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - David Greene with Greene & Phillips joined Chelsey on Studio10 with an introduction to personal injury law. The following information was provided by Greene & Phillips:

An Introduction to Personal Injury Law

Over time, you may have seen numerous commercials for personal injury lawyers and you might find yourself wondering, “What exactly is Personal Injury Law?” Today, David Greene from Greene & Phillips Injury Lawyers can help us gain a better understanding of exactly what a Personal Injury Lawyer is and why it could be really important for you!

Why would someone want to hire a personal injury lawyer?

- In a car wreck that wasn’t your fault

- Slip and fall on an unmarked slippery floor

- Being bit by a dog that has a known history of violence.

- Civil disputes about compensation

Is this different from pressing criminal charges?

- Criminal charges can only be brought by the state (district attorney, etc)

- Civil suits can be raised by anyone and are generally not about punishment

- Get just compensation.

- Way for the average person to stand up to big corporations and get a fair shake.

How does a personal injury lawyer get paid and is it different from other legal fields?

- Criminal defense / divorce you’ll pay by the hour

- Lawyers who represent corporations often are paid hundreds of dollars an hour

- Personal injury lawyers usually charge on contingency

- Costs nothing unless they get money for their clients

How can someone know if they may have a personal injury case?

- Car wreck, dog bite, slipped and fall, injured in any way not your fault

- 3 easy steps.

1. Call, we’ll let you know if you may have a case

2. Set up a quick 30 minute free consultation

3. Focus on getting better, we’ll handle all the paperwork and negotiations

Remember no fee unless we get money for you.