Court documents reveal chilling, disturbing details into Semmes triple deaths

It’s still unclear if she killed her children, and then killed herself, or if she too is a victim.
Published: Sep. 28, 2023 at 11:00 PM CDT
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SEMMES, Ala. (WALA) - FOX10 News uncovering a lot more details about a turbulent relationship that may have cost two young children their lives.

On Thursday 2-year-old Jacob Johnson and 5-year-old Mia Johnson were found brutally murdered inside their Semmes home.

Their mother, Nancy Johnson, was also found dead in the home.

It’s still unclear if she killed her children, and then killed herself, or if she too is a victim.

...What is clear are numerous court documents detailing a lot of trouble between the children’s mother and father.

In one particular court document, which was filed in June, the children’s father claims a DHR worker told him she was concerned about Nancy Johnson’s mental health “and” the children’s safety.

The court documents also say the father was trying to get custody of the children, but just a couple of weeks later, another court document shows the couple agreed to go to counseling instead.

Mobile County Sheriff Paul Burch says Semmes officers have responded to several violent calls at the house.

“Semmes is very familiar with this residence they’ve responded to numerous domestics,” Sheriff Burch said. “And our understanding there’s a pending divorce. As far as whether its a murder suicide or if the mother was murdered too that’s still yet to be determined.”

According to court documents, Nancy Johnson and her husband have been married since 2016 and filed for divorce earlier this year.

It also shows that Johnson took out a restraining order out of fear for her life.

Curt documents show this month a violent encounter between the two just one week ago...

Semmes Police Chief Todd Freind said they’ve responded to 6-8 calls of abuse from both the husband and the wife.

“The last several months we’ve had a lot of domestic disturbance calls out here from the couple,” Chief Freind said. “Just different domestic type calls, anything from harassment to physical.”

The couple was from Utah and Washington and had only been living in Semmes for the last six months.

Sheriff Burch says the husband was living in a camper behind the home.

“We know DHR was involved in I guess some of the filings and I guess domestic-type situations,” Sheriff Burch said. “We’ve been made aware there may be the possibility of some mental instability.”

Sheriff Burch says the father is not a suspect and he’s the one who found the bodies.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions, including Nancy Johnson’s cause of death, which should be determined by an autopsy.