Comic Cowboys Parade Route

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - The Comic Cowboys announced they will hold a drive-by parade on Tuesday, February 16.

According to the organization, "since 1884 the Comic Cowboys have highlighted the missteps and irony of local events and leaders, always without malice, using humor, satire, and sarcasm with signage on board our anything but glamourous floats. It is without question one of the most anticipated parades of Mobile’s famed Mardi Gras, as revelers can’t wait to see who ‘made the parade’ that year."


* Visitors must remain in their cars at all times while viewing, and the cars must remain moving.

* There will be no parking allowed near the virtual parade.

* We caution everyone that there are very active railroad tracks in the area. Under no circumstance should any vehicle stop on those tracks as the trains in the area are fast moving, and unforgiving. If you stop, and the car behind follows you, you will be trapped.

The group says in their 137 years of existence, only World War I and World War ll have canceled their parades.

The organization released the following statement: "And now, the Covid pandemic. Ironically, in a year with unprecedented political chaos and disorder, we could not let these buffoons off the hook. So the Comic Cowboys have avowed that “we don’t need no stinking permit” and are excited to present our Virtual Parade on Mardi Gras Day.

From noon-3 p.m. on Mardi Gras Day we invite everyone to drive to Pillans Street which is the epicenter of Mardi Gras float barns, and view the signs that we would have paraded with this year. They will be displayed on a massive fence along the street and easy to view as our guests ‘drive by’ from the safety and comfort of their vehicles."

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