9-year-old injured on Lloyd's Lane is a "walking miracle"

Rosshiki and Brooke

It's been almost 2 months since a crash on Lloyd's Lane in Mobile that took the life of Claudia Leatherwood and hurt her two children.

Her daughter, 9-year-old Brooke Leatherwood sustained more severe injuries and has been recovering ever since. Wednesday, she was released from Children's Hospital in Birmingham after multiple injuries but without any surgeries.

After her grim diagnosis and her recovery, Brooke is literally, a walking miracle.

"That's why she's our miracle," said her father Rosshiki Leatherwood.

The crash happened in early November. That night Rosshiki says his life was changed forever.

"All I could think about is nobody is moving, nobody is responding," he said."MY mind automatically tells me, my entire family's dead."

Losing his wife was hard enough but also knowing that his baby girl was fighting for her life made it even harder.

"I made up my mind, I was like 'nah. I hear you but I'm going to get my baby back,' because I believe in something that's greater," said Rosshiki Leatherwood.

This sparked a strength in him that he says came directly from God. Prayer and faith are what he says got him this far.

"That moved a mountain as big as any mountain that's ever been formed. That's why we are able to see Brooke right now doing the things that she's doing," he explained.

Brooke's injuries included a lacerated spleen and kidney, broken ribs, facial fractures, a bleeding brain and a chest contusion. Doctor's weren't optimistic. They told Rosshiki she'd be brain dead. But miraculously without any surgeries, Brooke is up on her feet walking. Doctor's decided to send her home Wednesday.

Rosshiki says he'll always remember his wife Claudia and believes she would have had it this way if she had the choice.

"On one hand I lost the love of my life, but if you really look at it. I could have lost all three of the loves of my life. If you asked my wife if she was here, I know she would prefer to be the one gone instead of my kids," he said.

Rosshiki says the road ahead is long with lots of therapy and many more trips to Birmingham but he's sticking by his daughter's side through it all.

"Like I told her, the ball bounces, I'm man enough to drill it and she's got what I got."

In addition, he wants to thank everyone for the outpouring of love, support, and prayers during this time. He says his family has been overwhelmed with help and it has restored his faith in humanity.

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