Aerofest Wraps Up


Mobile's first ever Aerofest is wrapped up Saturday night at Brookley Field. There was a lot of fun at the event, but behind the good times there was a deeper purpose. The goal was to create a big event that everyone could enjoy while raising money for veteran's struggling with the aftermath of injuries and depression.

Veteran Spencer McGinnis told us, "They teach us from our first days in basic training to look out for each. Just trying to do that even though we take our boots off we shouldn't stop looking out for each other."

Independence Ride in the Morning

Many veterans, like Tammy Landeen, took part in the Independence Ride before Aerofest Saturday morning.

"A nice relaxing ride," Landeen said. "Beautiful weather, a great course, and the support was phenomenal."

Some disabled veterans took part in the ride by zipping around in a zoom chair. Some provided by the fund the ride raises money for.

Twenty year veteran, Diego Hurtado said, "I received a zoom chair so I'm here zooming around having a great time. Independence fund is the one who supplied it to me. I just love them to death."

And the veterans don't just get a chair, some even got a job.

Zoomability CEO, Bjorn Larsson said, "Who could be a better sales rep for a freedom chair than a veteran who fought for our freedom? So we recruited them and yesterday we had a training program for them and now they're practicing. Today is the first day were selling to the general market. So they are earning commission."

Organizers said Aerofest will become an annual event.

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