MOSS POINT, MS. (WALA) For the first time ever people are about to get the chance to play the lotto in Mississippi.

"Ready to get rich. Everybody wanna be rich right? So what's wrong with it?"

Regulars at JJ’s food market in Moss Point are excited to play the lottery and save some gas.

"I play the lottery already in Louisiana you know. I have even driven over to Florida  to play the lottery so why not have it here?"

Come Monday JJ’s will be one of the first stores to offer the lotto in Mississippi.

James Powell says he's seen the difference having a lottery system makes.

"We know a lot of other states have it already and we know how well they're doing," said Powell, owner of JJ’s Food Market.

Those other states don't include Alabama, which is now just one of five states without a lottery.

Earlier this year Alabama state lawmakers failed to consider a bill that would have allowed a vote on the issue.

As for Mississippi, gas stations, convenience stores and even some casinos will start off selling four different scratch offs with more to be added every two to three weeks.

"We're not sure how busy it's gonna get you know, we might have to get maybe two or three more workers, not sure."

It's news for some.

"Monday. This coming up? Mhm! Oh! Well that'll be great for the ones that love to play it then."

Who'd rather… 

“Keep my money hahaha that's it!"

Meanwhile back in Alabama...

"I'm just trying to figure out why Alabama is being so stupid and not doing it."

Some people who leave the state to play see others doing the exact same and feel Alabama is just missing out.

"You're giving other states the benefits that we could have here."

While Mobilians who don't believe in the lottery say let them have it

"I just think that gambling is probably not a good idea and our faith we're Christians and we just believe that you know, if you work then you'll eat, but I don't think there's any such thing as free money.

Powell expects more traffic and participation in the area once the Powerball and MegaMillions roll out at the end of January.


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