MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- An exclusive you will only see on FOX 10 News -- the first Alabama interview with U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Sessions since he announced he was running for his old seat.

Former FOX 10 News anchor Bob Grip spoke with the former Attorney General Friday night in Mobile and FOX 10 News was invited.

The interview covered a wide range of topics, including why he waited so long to announce.

"Well we just took a look at it. The whole experience was very exciting. So Mary and I decided we would relax, get away, bring ourselves together and decide what we would do. I started having people call on me lately -- good friends and people i respected. And they urged me to consider it. We did a real serious consideration here in the last few weeks. That's how we reached the decision - I lot of thought and prayers," said Sessions.

Sessions was also asked about his relationship with President Trump, especially moving forward with his campaign.

"Look it's no secret -- there were ups and downs in our relationship. The President -- he's very strong in his beliefs and I understood it. It was a very difficult time for him," said Sessions. "I think from what he said just today and yesterday -- in the case -- he's certainly neutral on this race. He's not going to take sides in it. His son, Don Jr., who is a friend said the same thing in Birmingham last night. And I think Vice President Pence did . So I feel very good about that."

Look for much more of the exclusive interview in the coming days here on FOX 10 News.

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