MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- Shoshana Treichel is a natural born giver. Opening Above & Beyond Yoga three years ago -- she's been helping locals find their center.

"I wanted to be able to work with people through breathing -- prana meaning life force energy oxygen. Good energy -- whatever you want to call it -- good energy flow," said Treichel.

Her dream now coming full circle with the opening of their new Himilayan salt room.

"This is a real salt experience. It's like taking that pilgrimage to the Himilayas," said Treichel.

Also known as the "salt cave" -- you're surrounded by 3,000 pounds of Himilayan salt bricks along the walls. Plus, another 3,000 pounds in salt pebbles on the ground.

What makes it unique -- the added halo therapy.

"All we do is take a little bit of the 99.9% of sodium chloride put it into the grinder and it just goes into the machine. It grinds it and the fan dispenses into the room," said Jake Treichel.

Put on a little music, close your eyes, and all that's left to do is breathe.

"It's allowing you to take a little tiny tooth brush and go to the bottom of the lungs and brush off that tiny debris that might be stuck there that prevents us from taking a full breath," said Treichel.

The salt -- according to Treichel helping relieve allergies, asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, snoring, cold and flu symptoms, and sinuses. There are also a number of skin issues it can help.

"Going into it -- I was skeptical," said Poppy Bednorz.

Bednorz is now a believer.

"I look forward to this every week," said Bednorz. "I'm completely seeing some of the benefits. Breathing easier upon entering that room is benefit #1."

She now goes once a week and says it's also helped lower her stress and anxiety.

"I went in feeling sort of stressed out and I came out feeling completely relaxed and ready to get on with my day in a very meaningful way," said Bednorz.

"You can come have a full healing experience here -- every single part of your being can be helped as long as your ready for it... And as long as you desire it," said Treichel.

Salt therapy is 100 percent natural and drug free.

For more information click here.

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