Colton Ketchum and Lauren Finney

UPDATE: According to Washington County Sheriff's Office both suspects, Colton Ketchum and Lauren Finney, are now in custody. 

Washington County Sheriff Richard Stringer says they were taken in around 1:45 p.m. Thursday.

Sheriff Stringer tells FOX 10 News they were trailing the pair for the last two days and pinging their cell phones.  Stringer says they were on the move -- and moved at least five times Thursday before being arrested.

According to Sheriff Stringer -- they received intel the two were in a mobile home in a wooded area.  Deputies surrounded the home.  Sheriff Stringer said when they attempted to make contact -- Ketchum ran out the back door of the mobile home.  He was taken into custody shortly after, then deputies arrested Finney inside the mobile home.

According to Sheriff Stringer -- Ketchum was not armed when he was taken into custody -- but did have a loaded shotgun inside the mobile home. 

Ketchum and Finney are accused of running down Edward Rivers, Jr. with Finney's SUV over gas money.  Investigators say Ketchum was driving the SUV.  

Late Thursday night -- Ketchum was escorted to Metro Jail and showed no remorse. 

"He is a punk.  He has no remorse for what he's done," said Captain Paul Burch, with Mobile County Sheriff's Office.  "We credit the Washington County Sheriff's Office with their arrests and can't thank them enough.  We also have the suspect vehicle.  It is considered evidence in this case."

Ketchum has been booked into  Metro Jail and charged with murder.  Meanwhile, Capt. Burch said Finney was cooperating with investigators and filling in the blanks of what happened early Tuesday morning.  He says they will talk to the Mobile County District Attorney's Office on whether to proceed with charges for her. 

Burch said Ketchum could face more charges as the investigation is still ongoing. 


CITRONELLE, Ala. --Washington County Sheriff's Office state they have located a suspect connected to the Citronelle murder of Edward Rivers, Jr.

Colton Ketchum has been arrested and is now in custody.

Captain Paul Burch with MCSO said a racoon hunter discovered Rivers body on Coy Smith Rd. just a few yards from his mother's house where Rivers lived.

Burch said Rivers, 41, was barely breathing when first responders got to him. He was airlifted but died at the hospital.

Investigators believe he was intentionally hit by an SUV, dragged 30-40 yards and left to die.

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Somewhere there's a judge and jury that will know exactly how to wipe that stupid grin off those faces..... Yep..

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