Mobile Police make an arrest in the shooting death of 31-year-old Samuel Wilson lll.

Authorities say he was killed after interrupting a vehicle burglary at his west Mobile home earlier this month.

Authorities arrested 24-year-old Seth Bowick and charged him with murder.

Samuel Wilson III

Victim Samuel Wilson III. 

Seth Bowick

Seth Bowick was arrested for the murder of 31-year-old Samuel Wilson III. 

Now, the question: could more arrests be coming?

Bowick said nothing to reporters as he was taken to a squad car.

Bowick is also charged with three counts of breaking and entering a vehicle.

Police had said surveillance cameras captured two or three people in the area wearing hoodies when Wilson was shot.

When asked if Bowick is the man police believed to be in the surveillance video, Mobile Police Sgt. LaDerrick DuBose said, "He is going to be the primary suspect in the investigation. Right now, he is possibly, that could be him. There are other aspects of the investigation that is going on."

Two of the breaking and entering counts involve vehicles at the scene of the murder.

Bowick has a long record, charged with carrying a pistol without a permit last year and in 2017.

He has also been charged in the past with domestic violence and criminal mischief.

We went to the neighborhood where Wilson lived and talked to neighbors about the arrest.

When asked how he felt about police make an arrest, William Myers said, "Outstanding. Good work for Mobile's finest bringing him in and, hopefully, they can get some more arrests, too."

Another neighbor said, "I just think it's good that, you know, justice has been served for that family. I give God the glory." 

Police do say this is an ongoing investigation.

DuBose said, "We do have one suspect that we do have and there's a possibility that there may be others that were involved in other crimes."

Earlier, police had said they believed the person who killed Wilson was part of a possible gang of gun traffickers in the area

But DuBose said he couldn't speak to that possibility.

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